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Has the Canadian Parliament Done NATO a Favor?

People are still aghast about the behavior of the Canadian Parliament the other day, when they gave a standing ovation to an elderly Nazi from the Ukraine.  Wouldn't it be ironic if something good came out of this?  Sounds impossible at first!

I don't follow the regime media of the NATO countries so I could be wrong on this, but haven't they imposed a regime of silence on the history of Nazism in the Ukraine, not just during World War II but also in its aftermath?  Doesn't the regime media of the NATO countries boycott mentioning the neo-Nazis (Banderites) in modern Ukraine?

I only know that the "alt" sites I listen to will refrain from using the word, Nazi, so that You Tube doesn't cancel them.  (Typically they are forced to use euphemisms such as 'ultra-nationalists.')  That would seem representative of the censorship regime across the board.  You would think it would be important to the taxpayers and voters of the NATO countries if their governments are supporting neo-Nazis/Banderites in the Ukraine.

No doubt Washington neo-cons chose Zelensky to be president of Ukraine so they could more easily deny neo-Nazism/Banderites in Ukraine.  "How could there be Nazis in Ukraine -- the president is Jewish!"  This is a poor argument.  Just because Zelensky was born Jewish doesn't mean that Jewishness is all that important to him.  Maybe he is more interested in skimming off a lot of money from this whole fiasco.  (By analogy, if 92% (or whatever) of Utah is "Mormon", that doesn't mean that the topic is taken all that seriously by many of them.)  

So perhaps the furor over the Canadian Parliament's behavior will at least get this issue into the open, and the corporate media will no longer be able to avoid it. 


Anonymous said…
Can't spell ashkanazi without nazi.
Who came up with the nazi name? Not them.

What was it musk just said?
Something about history being written while the losers are still around.
They're communists. They want to take over and they're trying really hard.
They will be defeated. Ask God.