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A Better Winter?

Just before autumn officially started we had our first perfect autumn day.  How I love the camper's door facing the morning sun, and then opening that door to the morning chill and bright sun!  There was no wind and no insects.

It was enough to make you think this is the best of all worlds.  But it isn't.  "September" is too brief.  Blame that on that damn 23.4 degree tilt in the earth's rotational axis.  Why doesn't Greta Thunberg do something about this?  The internet gave some bizarre examples of the tilt that other planets have.  


Daylight hours disappear so quickly at this time of year.  It is time to think about finding better camping locations this winter.  The weather in the Southwest is delightful in winter, but camping places are so well-known and crowded.  

Thinking a way out of that will not be easy.  Should I stay further north to avoid the crowds?  A real heater -- that is, a vented one -- would be necessary for an RV in serious winters, with below freezing temperatures.  Won't that trap me in the RV?  Will I still enjoy bicycling in the 30's F?  Maybe I should shift from biking to walking in the winter.  You see the problem: it is hard to beat winter temperatures that get close to freezing at night, and then warm up to 65F by mid-day.

I must be overlooking something.



Ed said…
"I must be overlooking something."

No, you have defined the problem very well. I have the same problem with summer trying to stay cool.
Yes, Ed, I can see that fleeing heat in the summer takes you crowded expensive mountain towns. In Colorado they probably don't even want a monthly camper since they can fill the park every night with a daily-rate camper.

And the towns in the northern states are at such low altitude they are hot as hell.