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Differential Erosion

 It is easy to walk through canyons and enjoy the weird shapes left by water eroding conglomerate or mudstone at differential rates.

Wouldn't it be nice if you could look at the destruction of your civilization and society and at least see some beauty in that destruction?  That might sound like a perverse wish, but since you can't do anything about that destruction as a puny individual...

It would be better to think of some way you can push back against the destruction in a way that fits the limited powers that you have.  Ahh but such thoughts are too gloomy.  Let's think about joyful animal spirits:

"I like the look on ol' Pop's face when I do things like this!"


Anonymous said…
Pic and captions really made me smile
I just do the photographs. She does her own captions!
Mark in Kansas said…
At first looking on my phone I thought it was a big horn sheep. But then I enlarged it and ….

Mark in Kansas, I see what you mean about the stance of the dog. It does resemble a sheep. And the hair is curly and white!