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Time For Going On a Media "Diet"?

How can the world not know whether Ukraine or Russia are shelling the nuclear power plant in Zaporozhye, Ukraine?  What is all the vaunted technology good for: AWACS planes, satellites, drones, radar?  What are the various international organizations good for?  Can't they just put some observers on the ground in Zaporozhye?

If I had any sense, I would just bleat out the old cliche that 'in war, the first casualty is the Truth,' and ignore the media completely.  None of us goes out and looks for garbage or poison to eat, so why should we allow the media to put their lies and garbage into our minds?


Yankeeflyer said…
No news is good news....said the ostrich.
Anonymous said…
Wars are usually based on lies and use the war to cover up more lies.
Ya know - money laundering, bio-labs, human trafficking, murder, joe's quid-pro-quo. Why do you think all those world leaders and nasty nancy went over there for their photo ops with zelinsky?