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The Perfect Peach π

I really wanted to drive to town today for the Saturday Farmer's Market.  Two years ago I went to the market despite having low expectations regarding food.  Food isn't the first thing a person thinks about when they think 'Idaho.'

One of the booths had peaches for sale.  When I bit into the peach I almost fell over -- it was the perfect peach.  They grew it halfway down into the Salmon River trench.  The river is practically at sea level down there, that is, 1000 feet of altitude.  The deep canyon topography is quite impressive around here.

I wanted that to happen again, today.  But I have gotten more disciplined about driving to town just for one errand.  So I didn't go.  That damn Putin.  He ruined my peach-life.

Instead, Q.t.π and I went on the perfect bicycle ride in this area.  It was actually a loop ride, which is rare for me.  The terrain was interesting and the road knew how to take advantage of it -- and that is precious!  It brought us so close to the edge, where the flat-topped mountain sloughed off into a steep side canyon of the Salmon River trench.  

It is dramatic how creeks can start so humbly at high altitude, where I am camped.  A mile later they fall into the abyss.