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Idaho Finds a Use for Burned Trees

 A couple posts ago I fantasized about cutting all the burned trees on public lands, chopping them down to size, and sending the firewood to Europe this winter.  Be careful what you wish for!

As it turned out, they are cutting a burned forest on some Idaho state land nearby.  Fortunately the workers commute to work at 530 in the morning -- it is no fun to share a narrow forest road with them.  Don't blame them -- blame the exterior wheel wells on my trailer.

By sheer dumb luck I arrived in the area on the day they weren't working.  It would be just a little bit difficult to drive by this monster:

I had a nice chat with the operator.  Most of the trees were too small for lumber, so they would get turned into firewood. (He didn't say anything about sending it to Europe, though!)  Where would the agricultural, forestry, mining, or military world be if the caterpillar tread had not been invented?  These machines make a wheeled vehicle look useless.

Following the operator's advice we rode over the top of the mountain and connected with the main road, to make a nice loop out of it.  Q.t.π gets so thirsty on bike rides.  Here's the cute little lumberjack in operation: