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A Photographic Success

Although photography is a pretty big part of camping and travel, have you ever actually had a conversation about photography with another traveler?  I have, but only once.  We were at Shiprock, the picturesque volcanic throat in northwestern New Mexico. He was a landscape photographer.

What I really have in mind is a different type of photographer: one who sees photos as visual representations, metaphors, for important issues that might otherwise drown in excess verbiage and messy details.

It is easy to see this as a good idea, but it is not so easy to put it into practice.  A habit needs to be formed.  One must break the habit of looking at something mindless and snapping a photo 'jes cuz it looks sorta perdy.'

But on the other extreme, one must not get too hung up in thinking or analyzing at the moment of opportunity, lest it disappear.  It is enough for a visual situation to suggest -- to smell like -- a visual metaphor.  You can finish the thinking later.

This is exactly what happened the other day when I ran over my aluminum step at the trailer door.  Damn these exterior wheel wells on trailers!

The photo suggests many things, but at the moment, it represents... I almost shot my mouth off and ruined it for the reader.  Let's just say it represents important things happening in the geopolitical world.


Ed said…
I think your photograph is a great reminder that there can be perverse results as a consequence of our actions (or our government's actions). A perverse result being contrary to what was originally intended.

We may be seeing a lot of perverse results in the days to come.

Sure sorry about your steps.
Ed, this is the 3rd time I have murdered the aluminum steps. Then I go to Harbor Freight and buy another one!
Anonymous said…
America after the world shows up at the border.
Anonymous, That is a good caption!