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A Beauty in a Meadow of Flowers

When a young male pig hears the title of this post, they probably think of something like this:

Those who are besotted with Age and Wisdom have gotten past that sort of nonsense.  We think in these terms:

My goodness, what a thing it is to see her gamboling and giggling across a meadow of flowers!  I hate to pull her back toward me, for safety. 

When you trim/clip a poodle's ears, they flop better when the dog runs. Delightful.

She does frantic spins when I put her food down at 4 p.m.   I fantasize photographing her with a drone that rises up over a hilltop, and catches her twirling around like Julie Andrews at the beginning of the "Sound of Music."


Anonymous said…
I think you are besotted with that cute little dog - and a wonderful thing it is. :)
Anonymous, I plead guilty, as charged. (grin)
I have loved each dog you have had.