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Basking in the Winter Sun

I did something yesterday that I hadn't done all summer: I sat outdoors in a chair. Some people do this all the time, but I don't know how or why.

But it was cold yesterday at over 8000 feet of altitude. Wyoming doesn't mess around with winter. It felt so good to have the trailer's door facing south towards the sun and to finally be able to open that door in the afternoon. 

Sitting in the chair was even better. My clothing was dark. I placed the chair between the white van and the sun. It felt like a solar cooker. I felt like the Australian shepherd pup, photographed on his bicycle in Quartzsite one winter:

How was that for a look of pure snowbird-contentment!

I cooked up some potatoes in the pressure cooker -- something I seldom look forward to, in summer. Then I dragged the winter-sleeping-bag out of the van. If only my dog liked snuggling in the bed with me!

Some people might think that such things are too trivial to write about. Long-suffering readers of this blog know of a quote from Ben Franklin's Autobiography that applies here.

There is a mindset that must change as summer becomes winter. It seeks domestic coziness. It leads to cheerful contentment -- and that is no small thing.

From the archive: my two dogs snuggling in bed.




contentment comes in many forms.
Barney, yes indeed. I like writing about the flavor of contentment that is special to the day or situation.