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Forgot Mistake #1 !

In real life or in the world of drama, most people have run across an archetype: a woman who has buried two husbands and is now married to her third husband. She prefaces most topics with, "Well, as my first husband used to say..."

How her third husband resists strangling her, we never learn.

I thought about that when I adopted my second (and current) dog. At first I wanted another miniature poodle, as my first dog was. But what if I started comparing the second miniature poodle with a nostalgic and romanticized view of the first miniature poodle? Number 2 would always suffer by comparison. Unfair. It would ruin what would otherwise have been a good experience. 

Thus I chose a second dog who was opposite of the first dog in several ways, and was glad that I did.

How could that logic be applied to Number 3? My best guess is to choose a dog that is different that the first two. Let her shine in her own limelight.


Anonymous said…
"How could that logic be applied to Number 3?"

Yes, I have to admit that choosing a cat would be a logical extension of the theme of the post. But so too would choosing a goldfish or hamster.

I have owned cats in my life. I am not anti-cat. But I don't consider them a true pet/companion on the level of a dog.

Another logical extension of the theme of the post would be to choose a TRANS dog. After all, my readers expect me to up-to-date on all the Latest & Greatest cultural trends. (grin)

Another extension would be to choose a reproduction-capable dog, although the animal shelters usually preclude that.
XXXXX said…

If everyone applied your logic to kids, we would have nothing but 1 child families.

Get what you want. If you try comparing, you certainly won't hurt the dogs since they are above such foolishness. The only person you will hurt is yourself...your own happiness.

Did I miss something? Coffee Girl?

Welcome back, George. I agree that it is me who will be hurt by comparing dogs. That is why I want to preclude it by getting a dog that doesn't lend itself to comparison with a previous dog.

Coffee Girl will be 15 next month. She has sarcoma, but she is in no pain and her personality has not changed. She loves her two or three walks per day, although her mountain biking career has ended.
XXXXX said…

Fifteen is a ripe old age for sure. I'm glad she is in no pain. I'm sure she likes to sleep a lot. She's certainly has had a grand life with you.

They're all different even if they are the same type (herder, retriever, etc.) Even if you should find yourself comparing them, do you think it would really amount to anything much? You were perfectly happy with a poodle and then a kelpie and you lived the same life style with each one and they are very different dogs.

You are obviously looking for an active friendly dog who can keep up with you. That narrows the eligible candidates. After that, you simply have to fall in love again. That shouldn't take very long at all. So I guess I'm saying why not just let your heart decide this one instead of your head?

George, "let your heart decide this one instead of your head" Surely you don't mean that!? My HEART would lead me to irresponsible and selfish behavior. I would choose to do what seems NEW, EXCITING, and what adds most to my life.

Clearly getting a unspayed female dog and letting her have a litter would be the thing that would add something special to the life of a male geezer who had no children of his own.

But the MIND isn't so crazy about that idea.
XXXXX said…

Didn't know that about how your heart works. Mine is very different.
Jim and Gayle said…
Hate to hear that about Coffee Girl. She will be a hard one to replace.
Anonymous said…
Miniature pony.
Thanks, Gayle. Coffee Girl is still her lovie-dovie self.