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Regime Change for the Seasonal Calendar

 Recall that my Noble Quest for this summer was to learn to actually enjoy summer. It was bad luck that this summer turned out hot and smoky. Still, I did make quite a bit of progress, if not in actually liking summer, then at least in not hating it. It wasn't so much a matter of coming up with brilliant ideas as it was of developing improved habits.

And now the calendar/seasons are going through "regime change." Thermal collapse. It was 90 F around here yesterday, and brutally sunny, but I just looked at the sky and said, "Is that the best you can do?" 

It was good luck that I ran into my first fresh produce of the summer, yesterday, on the last day of real summer. Wyoming wasn't such a great place to buy fresh produce. Oh they do raise food in Wyoming -- beef.

Every year I appreciate locally grown food more and more. Walking around the growers, you are lit up by a reflected glow from them. And why shouldn't they be proud and pleased with their work: they are doing something satisfying and necessary... something primal.

How many people can say that? When you look at the overall economy, you have to wonder how fake and useless most work is. And how fake most "needs" are, that is, how most practicality is really imaginary. But the people who raise real food don't have to worry about that.


After finishing this post I chanced upon a video that seemed relevant. At first it seemed like feminine New Age stuff that made me roll my eyes. I put up with it because male pigs tend to like videos with dogs and pretty young women and scenery.

Eventually I really appreciated her point about adapting to winter in northern Sweden. She was talking the mirror image of the problem I have in the summer. Marvelous video, Jonna!