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The Opposite of Cattle Rustling

What a strange little animal! The calf ran over to my van like a dog welcoming his human home. He actually came up to the driver's door.

What did the crazy little maverick want?  He took off in front of the van in the direction I wanted to drive. He hogged the road and wouldn't let me pass, although I came close a half dozen times. I was afraid to run over him. Finally I stopped, he stopped, and I threw rocks at him.

This was getting strange. He was a half mile from mommy. What on earth is the rancher feeding these animals?


Last night my dog and I went on our sunset walk. As a dog gets older each minute of quality time gets more precious. Three more neighbors came up to visit, but they stayed on their side of the cattle gate. Tall, noble, beautiful. The horses graze in a lower pasture, about a half mile from camp.


On this morning's ride, I saw some pretty odd cattle. I can't remember ever seeing them in the flesh before.



Strange bovines with those humps and floppie ears. Goofy looking.


Bon vivant said…
I believe they're called Brahmins. In Tejas they're termed Brahmas, likely not to many Hindus there still. hehehe
Bon Vivant, I wonder what that breed of cow is "for". Why did people go to all the trouble to create that breed. What advantages does it have?
Ed said…
"Why did people go to all the trouble to create that breed. What advantages does it have?"

The Brahman has a high tolerance of heat, sunlight and humidity, and good resistance to parasites.
Ed, besides the "Camelbak" water reservoir, perhaps those big floppy ears are good for getting rid of heat -- that is how it works for jackrabbits.