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Your Own Photos as "Album Art"

"Slideshows" have been around for a long time on laptop computers and other gadgets. For whatever reason I never paid much attention to them.

But I have set one up recently for all the photos taken during traveling and camping the last few years. The slideshow has been surprisingly effective at reviving an interest in bringing my camera along on outdoor outings.

Here is another trick at reviving an interest in photography: watch the movie "Barry Lyndon." The movie is a bit of a 'downer.' But nothing beats it when it comes to beautiful photography, scenery, costumes, and music! 

I have no idea why you can't just go to the usual places and download an mp3 album of the movie's score. But if you search "Barry Lyndon" in the search box, you will be able to find individual songs that are downloadable.

Searching for "Barry Lyndon" on You Tube works quite well, too. (I use You Tube on my PC, rather than the app on a smartphone, so that my ad-blocker works.)

But it isn't a new idea to link music and photography: album art was always an important of the record industry. Even on You Tube, the right graphic can add a lot to your enjoyment of the music.

For instance, if you are a sucker for soulful, moody cello pieces, consider this link to Marianelli's "Elegy for Dunkirk", with 'cover art' that helps you get into the mood.

In fact I could suggest my own cover art for this music, from a photograph I took at sunset a couple years ago, in Colorado.

It probably is not possible to think on your feet so fast that you
think of a piece of music while setting up for a photograph. But the linkage could occur later. 

I think I will keep trying to combine photographs and music, to see how much good comes out of it. For instance here is one of my photographs that has Brahms written all over it. But which piece of his, exactly?



Anonymous said…
Youtube Vanced is an Android app that blocks adds, and let's you look at other apps without shutting off. Not on Google Play, of course, but worth searching for and setting up. Nice pictures. Perhaps Hungarian Danne No. 5 in G minor?
Well, well, thank you for the hot tip on youtube vanced. I have downloaded it, and we'll see how it goes.

Thanks for the suggestion on Brahms's Hungarian Dance #5. But I think it is too up-tempo for the photo. I prefer his Symphony#3, third movement:

I wanted something more restrained, pensive, and stoical.