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Vikings of the Desert

 It is refreshing to take a vacation from yourself, every now and then. This is being manifested right now by camping within sight of Lake Mead.

Avoiding camping near water became a habit for me the first year, as an RVer. Bugs, crowds, noise, fees, restrictions, etc. And besides, I didn't have an activity that involved water. I have no desire to relive my sea kayaker/Viking days.

Being near water is helping to revive an interest in taking photographs. Is it wise to try to will yourself into a new or old interest? The short answer is No. But is seems to be working a little bit right now.

This is a big issue for a retiree or anybody who doesn't live the standard lifestyle of 'the hamster wheel' in a big city. I don't feel like taking it up right now, but am interested in comments on this topic.


Ed said…
I think it is possible to will yourself into a new interest/activity. That is probably how we get involved in doing new things.

However, to will yourself to get involved in something that you have given up is a different matter. The question there is why did you give up that activity and is that reason still valid. If is is then just willing to get involved again will most likely fail.
Good comment, Ed. "why did you give up that activity and is that reason still valid..." A big reason for losing interest in photography was the demise of Picasa editing software. I haven't even tried to see if a version of it is available for my Windows 10 laptop.

But I am experimenting with a free editing program or two from the Windows Store. If I can learn to like one of these photo editing programs, my interest in photography might be reborn.
Ed said…
I highly recommend GIMP.
Anonymous said…
I am curious why you gave up sea kayaking, is it too damp and hazardous as one
ages or is it just not practical as a permanent lifestyle.
A decade ago I got into bicycle touring thinking it may be a cheap solution to
trying to survive on a low income but a 1000 miles into it my knees and butt
decided otherwise!
Anonymous, a sea kayak is a cumbersome thing to drag around for a camper. And most camping is on dry land. I found small lakes boring, whereas, big lakes/seas are too dangerous for a solo kayaker. If you have to schedule an activity with somebody else, sheer inconvenience will rub out the activity eventually.

You mentioned problem with knee and butt discomfort when bicycling. Bicycling without the extra weight of touring should be lighter and easier on the knees. A better saddle and a horizontal position of it can help with butt discomfort. Also, saddles are different widths, and they must line up with your hip bone width, to be comfortable.
Anonymous said…
Thanks for the reply. Yes I have had no problem's doing a little mountain biking
whilst traveling and living out of my van during the warmer Canadian months.