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Labor Day Snow!

'Be careful what you wish for...' is a wonderful old saying. On the last post I was yearning for the end of summer. And I got what I deserved...good and hard!

To make this even better, I am camped just a few feet from Lewis & Clark's old trail over the continental divide; then down they went to the Salmon River, and out to the Pacific Ocean.

Even though they would consider a modern adventurer to be little better than an earthworm, I am enjoying the idea of going below freezing tonight, on Labor Day. It is the kind of camping experience that ennobles and purifies the soul.


Ed said…
I drove over Lemhi Pass (7,373') from ID to MT then over Bannock Pass (7,681') from MT to ID on 2 July 2011. Part of that route is the same Lewis & Clark Trail where you were camped. No snow in July that year although I think it could snow there on almost any day of the year.
Ed, you have just given me a couple good ideas for later this month -- if autumn is normal.