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Talkers Who Talk Like a Book

I already confessed my surrender to Verizon. I was being de-prioritized so often on my cheaper pre-pay plan that the internet was becoming useless. So I went over to a more expensive unlimited plan in order to escape this problem.

As a result I am watching more videos, sometimes from news sites. I am shocked at how verbose they are!

The people who make these videos would be failures in the movie industry. They haven't even learned that videos should convey information visually, rather than through talking.
And if you must yak away, don't use written-English. Don't they understand that written-English is not the same as spoken-English?

Use short declarative sentences. Avoid commas and parenthetical clauses. Clauses might be OK as a prefix or suffix to the main clause, but they must not be in the middle of the sentence.

Some writer, who has read too many books, must be putting written-English on the teleprompter, and then the talking head must be reading it. Nobody talks like they do, in the real world, because the listener's eyes would move off to the sky or the horizon. 

These talking heads are so verbose that I begin to fall asleep after 30 seconds of it.

Actually this is just one example of poor talking style. I am sure you have noticed others.