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The Benefits of a Freak Cold Front

After a lot of unnecessary worrying, the dreaded cold front has vanquished Utah. Actually it has turned out rather nice. I "retreated" to Green River to warm up. But Honour required me to first find a legal loophole: like a good general I am superstitious about retreating. But making a small loop back to where you were recently is different from "retreating."

So that is what I did. Rather than sit in the trailer and freeze -- or worse yet, deign to use a heater or plug into shore power -- I am spending most of the day in the driver's seat of my van, with its huge windshield facing the sun! What a great feeling it is to be warmed by the sun, when you are surrounded by chilly air!

Once upon a time, in a New Mexico winter, I left my bicycle jersey soaking in a bucket outdoors overnight. In the morning there was a layer of ice on top of the water, and the ice stuck to the jersey. When I hung it up on the clothesline in the morning sun, it seemed like a miracle how the sunlight sparkled explosively in the ice and in the drops coming off it.

This afternoon I am being reminded of the calm euphoria and healthy-mindedness that comes from being able to enjoy a sunny day. 

Postscript: last night was the coldest one. It works wonders to shake/roll the shoulders to warm up, when you are sedentary at a desk. Also, I filled a nalgene bottle with hot water and stuck it in my parka. It's quite a miracle drug.

This morning I stepped out of the trailer at dawn. There was just enough light to catch the white rumps of a small herd of antelopes that were grazing a hundred yards away from my not-too-cold bedroom.


XXXXX said…

We're having lovely weather here in the Pacific Northwest too. Freezing temps overnight left frost on the roofs and grass but the sky was clear and soon turned a bright brilliant blue. Day temp here is 60 degrees but the sun is very warm. Truly a glorious day. Great to be alive. George
Glad you are exhuberating in the sun. It is getting pretty late in the season for sun up there!
XXXXX said…

That is actually quite a misnomer but we don't like to tell too many people because we're already too crowded here. George