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Defeated by the System

I consider it a real defeat that I finally joined one of the so-called Unlimited Data (postpaid) plans offered by my wireless provider. So much for my self-image as a guy who beats the System. My monthly bill will go up by 80% compared to my earlier pre-paid (16 GigaByte) data plan. 

What is my excuse for debauching myself with an "unlimited" post-paid plan? Too often I got de-prioritized in the pre-paid plan. We were second-class wireless citizens who were too often sent to the "back of the line." In fact the internet had become unusable in many locations. The postpaid customers were sent to the "front of the line," supposedly.

If you pay any attention to discussion forums -- and it's a good idea not to -- people harp endlessly about how the "unlimited" data plans are not really unlimited, because your service starts slowing down after 22 GigaBytes of data have been consumed.

Well let's hope so! That is the real problem with the internet these days: it has been turned into the new boob toob or radio. With an unlimited plan, people have no incentive to turn the internet OFF. Therefore there is too often a "traffic jam" on the internet. Well, what did they expect?

It shows you how pervasive the "free lunch" mentality has become in the general public. It would be a step up for civilization and culture if the cost of the data went up -- not just linearly -- but quadratically with the quantity of data.

I say this because the quality of the information inevitably goes down with the quantity, and people should pay a stiff price for rotting their minds with informational junk-food.