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Unheralded Success Stories

For whatever reason, it has become easier over the years to appreciate success stories of various kinds, such as books, personal behavior under stress, music, independent thinking, etc.

But what is most astounding about these success stories is how quiet and unheralded they are. (And why should that be?)

For instance I usually fail to stay interested in reading geology books. And what a shame!, when a fellow spends so much time around land that exudes geology.

Currently I am reading a popular geology book by Richard Fortey called "Earth." Many times I have marveled at what an interesting writer he is. 

I have always deplored how uxorious the average American male is, resulting in women who are spoiled beyond reason. My only experience outside America was in Mexico, where the non-slavishness of Mexican men towards their women made a favorable impression on me.

Perhaps that is why it has seemed like a small miracle to watch a character in the old television show, "Wagon Train." "Flint McCullough" was the handsome young scout for the wagon train.

He enjoyed women, and frequently! But he could always see through their feminine tricks. They never got the upper hand over him. That is so refreshing.

From Look at that smug look on her face! But they killed her off at the end of the show, as was right.


Bon vivant said…
I get you but the problem is if you don't play at all they'll withhold the 'cookie'.