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Projecting the Right Image

And you thought I was a pessimist! Last post I wondered when the UTV industry was going to mount equipment on their machines that made them look even more militaristic.

It wasn't long before the world complied. Today I saw a long object mounted on the top of a UTV, using the roll cage as a platform. It took awhile to guess what the horizontal object was.

I believe it was a paddle board, an interesting sport that has become more popular on lakes and rivers, the last couple years.

But I doubt if the UTVer actually plans on using the paddle board on water. More likely, it was chosen to help the UTVer feel 'cool', that is, more like one of the "heroes" destroying some country in the Mideast. From a distance, and at first glance, the board looked like some kind of cruise missile mounted on the UTV.


Ed said…
I have noticed that the same thing holds true for RVers in all the RV Parks that I have ever stayed in. They have bicycles mounted everyplace imaginable. Then in many cases they also have either kayaks or canoes on top of their rig. I don't know about the water craft because I am rarely near any body of water, but from what I have seen the bicycles get very little use. They do project the right image however - active retirement!
I too have thought that bikes, kayaks, etc., are basically badges that people put on their rigs to look like they are living the "good life." Then they spend all day watching satellite TV or dicking around on the internet.