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Plato Wrestles With a Do It Yourself Project

It was high time to improve the shower "stall" in my trailer. The curtain was fine, but I needed a bigger tub to stand in, and hold the water.

The plastic box (tub) was simply too small. I have put up with it for four years. That seems strange doesn't it? Every time you go into a big box store you see plastic boxes of every description. It seemed obvious that if I was just patient enough I would eventually stumble onto a plastic box of the right size and shape. (24" by 24" by 10" high)


How could something so simple be so frustrating?! Is it proof of the profound truth of Murphy's Law?  Believe it or not, I think Murphy's Law is over-rated. It is lazy thinking to blame things on Murphy's Law too quickly.

There is a better explanation for why plastic boxes are seldom more than 18" in their smallest dimension: it is the width of most shelves in big box stores!

So what else could I do? Many do-it-yourself type people are more comfortable working with wood, and for good reasons!

I could build a square box out of wood to the desired dimensions, and then paint it with an elastomeric or EPDM coating. Earlier in life I would have dived into this project. But I thought about paint disposal, paintbrush cleaning, fasteners, and a thousand and one trips to the hardware store.

Either I am getting wiser or just lazier, but I no longer dive into D-I-Y projects and believe that I am going to 'save a fortune.'

One more negative result. This had become ridiculous. Then I got the brilliant idea of buying a cardboard box and draping a plastic sheet/tarp inside. Then I found out what a cardboard box costs at the shipping store, and there were other drawbacks.

By now it seemed that I was up against an animate malevolent force of some kind, rather than a supposedly small technical problem. Recall Gilbert Murray's quote about how we moderns lapse into mythological thinking when the sh$t really hits the fan.

I don't expect the practical details of this project to interest the reader. I hope they bored you almost painfully, and yet, you held on, perhaps imagining reading this as a type of Noble Suffering.

And indeed, it was. It was a chance to make Plato's Cave a real experience to you, not just Wikipedia homework or a Philosophy 101 reading assignment. It was time for me consider that ultimate reality lay in ideas and principles rather than the mundane microscopic details of the 'practical' world.

Error #1 was the downsizer's prejudice against round containers. I was thinking in terms of squares and rectangles. Living in small quarters had turned my mind into a machine shop with only milling machines in it, and no lathes. Once I gave in on this fanaticism I got lucky at Tractor Supply and found the perfect, watertight container.


Anonymous said…
Congratulations on thinking outside the box.

Bon vivant said…
I bought similar at a Tractor Supply in 2012 then tried a water heater pan but eventually just raised me bath floor 3", below the new 'Trex' I laid some PVC liner, just so it would drain to port and aft to the deck drain. Voila!
Ed said…
Tractor Supply galvanized tubs was my first thought but they didn't comply with your 10" height requirement. I'm guessing that this is the 24x11" tub which is close enough for government work.

Much cheaper than this other alternative:
Where's the emoticon that shows the little guy rolling his eyes at somebody's pun!

In my humble opinion Idea and Concept is accurate,

Principle is vague, and is much like value, is created from with in the mind spirit, and an individual point of view and individual point of view is great but when in Error as in today the error reflected in my thinking self is also reflected back at me in all institutions that only mirror the individual creating mind.

We all be as I was sleep learning REality Creating Holy Spirit and I was plagued with suffering before I corrected my error in thinking.

Eye had to untie my eye of the knots I had put into them and when I saw how the world really is, Perfect, and getting more perfect. I awakened to my Conscious Self.

So now I error Awake Learning instead of ASleep learning like I was before 25 days ago.

I am 25 days today awakened consciousness and I be learning real fast now that I turned on my body brain main frame.

The concept and the idea that meye brain and body are connecting and relating with My Conscious, you be sleeping and learning and soon to be awakened and learning, and I be now Awakened and learning that I Create My feel good or feel bad Reality with a right 1 inflation feel good or wrong 0 deflation feel bad (identify error correct error and do over to collect a 1) Choice Created reality brain projected body Experienced brain processed connecting and relating the Experienced Choice to the Idea and Concept of the One Law and the Point of it All.

The POint of it all is to Learn Perfected Right Choice through creating my reality in sleeping/waking learning Conscious Choice.

I feel bad and fail, deflationary and acquire a 0 and acquire more 0 when I have sin/ error in my thinking and until I learn what the error is sin in my thinking that is sin / error causing me to suffer and correct it repent learn from error sin and feel good inflate and acquire a success satisfaction asset acquisition 1.

I feel great success 1 inflationary 1 I succeed and want more this is good and normal give me more 1 success Satisfaction when I make right choice and learn from wrong choice better choice making in the future.

I call it the Holy Hierarchy of Error Identification and Correction in the Living Loving Body Christ Robot and the Brain God Computing and processing connecting and relating for me Holy Spirit Electromagnetic Conscious Luke Force wielder to this

The One Law

I will do all that I am able to do at this time and at future times to take care of all of my needs and I will do this real WEll.

and the Point of it All

To learn in a sleeping em force way Perfected Right Choice REsulting in an Awakened to my ElectroMagnetic Creative Force Wielding reality creating HOly Spirit Luke self.

Did you read my article called How to Turn On the Body Brain Main Frame? I have it published on Research Gate and I offer it for free for everyone on my FAcebook page.

You so rock. I love you man I really do. I am so looking forward to meeting you, I will have the blue Airstream.


You just graduated to the next 1eve1 11 congratulations.