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Make Wilderness Good for More Americans

It is not often that something cheerful happens in the arena of public lands management. Normally I avoid the topic because it is just too discouraging.

But there is a bill in Congress that empowers public land managers to regulate mountain bikes in Wilderness areas, instead of just the blanket ban that has existed in the past, probably from some judge's decision.

I consider this good news because Americans need more access to the huge blocks of land set aside as Wilderness areas. Go to a trailhead outside a Wilderness and you might see two cars parked. Backpackers. That is just too much land for one sport.

But look how crowded the non-Wilderness areas are getting! America is getting over-populated, after all.

Only a tiny fraction of Wilderness areas would be affected by the legislation.  Most of that type of land is simply too rugged for a human-powered, wheeled machine.

And yet the Greenie groups will oppose this legislation. There is no way to argue with religious emotion: to ask them what is so bad about non-motorized sports accessing 0.01% of Wilderness areas, is like asking a Boston Puritan in 1680 if people should be allowed to square dance on one Sunday per month.


Bon vivant said…
If you're numbers are accurate I accede but if technology enables you to up that to 10% then I'll begin dropping tacks from me backpack.
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It is hard for me to put an exact number on it, because I have almost no experience with Wilderness areas -- there simply wasn't a reason to go there. The couple times I did drive up to one of their trailheads, the topography became very steep and rugged very quickly. Therefore I can't imagine a mountain biker getting more than a mile or two from the trailhead.

But from the environmentalist belief system, it makes no difference if the number were 0.01% or 0.000001%, because sin is Sin against the Cathedral of Nature.
Bon vivant said…
I have to think bikers dislike me (backpacker) in their way every few minutes (their speed dictates) but I can assure you while I'm fine most of the time with another person on 'my' trail ;-), I have a subtle dissatisfaction with the bike they ride. Reasons: I have to consider my safety and am on the lookout, which can defeat the purpose for hiking. I've never had a close call but it's the same feeling when passing a hiker on a sheer drop off in stress level. It's just not as calming being on trails with any other mode. Think pack animals or crowds of hikers is the same for me. I have to believe my urban experience in Portland/Vantucky contributes given I see more unsafe/illegal moves from bikers here, per population, than auto drivers. But I'm fine with that range you requested. :-)
Anonymous said…
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