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The Internet Scold Syndrome

If it weren't hurting so many people, it would be funny: this hypocritical indignation by the warmongers of the West that 40 Syrians were killed by chemicals! This from the people who have killed a million people in the Mideast since the first Persian Gulf War.

Of course TNT and gunpowder aren't 'chemicals'; and they and embargoes (of necessary things) are not 'weapons of mass destruction'. 

But why even talk about it? Americans don't care how much suffering their government causes in foreign countries. To even talk about it just reduces a blogger to a crank, or even worse, an unpopular scold.

Photo by Lennart kcotsttiw from Pexels
I ran across a phrase, in "The Closing of the American Mind" by Allan Bloom, attributed to Saul Bellow. And it really made me flutter my eyelashes, as metaphors are prone to do.

Let's paraphrase it by saying that the internet allows someone a chance to turn a blog 'into a kind of ghost town, into which anyone can move and declare themselves sheriff'. Isn't that precious?

Rather than scold people, maybe we should praise the patriotism and courage of the Syrian people and their military in shooting down many of the cruise missiles launched by a foreign invader who has no business meddling in their country. Don't tell me I am aiding and abetting the "enemy." Congress has not declared war against Syria, so they aren't the enemy. The real enemies of the American people exist inside this country.


Ed said…
".. illegally bombing a sovereign nation in violation of all international law and pushed Russia, Iran and China into a closer alliance. His [Trump} opponents will hang him with this strike. Even if he was coerced into this against his will, it signals to the world he isn’t in control of anything and has no real power. So much for the Art of the Deal." - Trump Is Done, Mattis Won, Thank the Gods by Tom Luongo
Bon vivant said…
Agreed. I've been thinking for days that drones may be making more enemies for us than chemical weapons is for Assad. And of course, dead is dead.

It seems that with the safety for soldiers that technology affords them comes out in the wash with an increased civilian death.
Well if you look into the Syrian Pipeline that Assad contracted to Russia and Iran, that Israel/Qatar/Saudi Arabia/Egypt does not want that to happen they would rather fund the ISLAMIC militia to invade Syria and take the pipeline for themselves to warm Europe with all that oil, as the planet continues it's steady trend into a global cooling period, and you look at the developing international sovereign debt crisis that is building, the politicians in the East and the West agree that the unwashed masses must be distracted with a war and global warming.

Of course no one wants to occupy the other, way too expensive and who has the money? Taxes will rise, and their favorite is CO2.

So lets blow up some bombs in some far off place that will disturb only rats. Fireworks are always so exciting.

What I find so amazing is how all of the sudden, the Trump hating media are praising his actions. Gross. This only shows that the real power in DC is the military, and oh, did you know, next year the interest payments on the federal debt will be more than military expenses which is 14% of GDP, by the way.

Imagine paying 14% of your income on interest of debt.


Term Limits, 1-3 years.
Abolish direct taxation
Abolish Government Borrowing
Abolish Standing Armies, the second amendment only needs the young of a nation to be trained properly on how to shoot and care for a gun, and come when the borders are invaded.

Standing Armies are the real danger to peace.
Anonymous said…
"It took a succession of high-profile scandals before Americans truly woke up to the plague of sexual harassment and assault. How long will it take before the public concludes that they have had enough of wars that don’t work? Here’s hoping it’s before our president, in a moment of ill temper, unleashes “fire and fury” on the world." Andrew Bacevich

Sure, you can manufacture a plague of sexual harassment and assault when you change the definition as the Marxist controlled schools have done, and you can make everyone believe the new definition through the Marxist controlled Media and Marxist controlled deep state.

It is kind of funny though, after the sexual revolution of Loose Sex for everyone 60's, the media now wants to label men sexual predators? Now a wolf whistle is considered sexual assault.

This is really about the war on the Family, attacking men.

WWIII will happen because the public refuses to recognize that we have a problem with the Debt of the Government. They can keep borrowing and never ever pay it back, so they, the corrupt marxist controlled governments of the world, with all of their promises to pay for your old age, your health care, your children's education and all those poor, they instead have squandered all of your money on lavish homes, cars, vacations, and all of their families and friends lavish homes, cars, vacations.

Oh and lets not forget the lavish Pension plans. A school teacher today can retire at $110,000 a year for the rest of her life, how sustainable do you think that is when the pensions are all invested in Bonds with interest rates at 5000 year lows. Do you even understand what that means?

It means you will be lucky to get $10,000 a year in your pension and newbies will be paying way more, and taxes are going to go up.

Its called a Sovereign Debt Crisis.

Hope keeps you out of solution, and believing that a president can blow up the world is just plain stupid. Poor Andrew, he was wrong on Obama too, at least he came to his senses when Obama invaded Afghanistan, never ending Iraq.

Fear is the tool the government uses to gain it's power over your mind so what is the solution.

If you can never get rid of corruption then what do you do? You limit its ability to thrive as much as possible through...

Term limits
Abolish Direct Taxation
Abolish Government Borrowing
Abolish Standing Arming utilizing the 2nd amendment.

Rome built itself for a thousand years with out direct taxation, they just created the money they needed and spent it on public works.