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A Joey in My Jammies

Being a propagandist or proselytizer is not one of my core skills, apparently. No matter how hard I have tried to talk my fellow campers out of their evil ways, they still put furnaces in their rigs, and then go on, hypocritically, to praising the usual pieties of Frugality and Simplicity.

Still, it is worth praising an approach that has become very satisfying. Earlier I gave an advertisement for camping with insulated bib overalls. 

These are even more effective with a bladder of heated water inside. I used this technique again last night. What satisfaction! Since I sleep in those insulated bib overalls,  I call them my "camping jammies."

When you put the bladder of heated water inside the jammies, you can think of yourself as a:

Courtesy of Wikipedia.


Well, my family used hot water bottles this winter for extra warmth, the dogs did too. It really works well, there was one mishap with the screw coming undone after the water has cooled. How do you deal with that?

Next year we will try the insulated bibs, I did get the dogs some winter wear this year though.
Wow, you must be in a cold place if the dogs need winter fashions! (grin)

I haven't had a screw lid come loose yet. I use the Platypus brand of transparent bladders.
Here is the film, The Ghost of Mrs. Muir. I started it at the scene where the captain is about to tell the widow her kettle is about to boil over.