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Lust in the Dust: Selling My 27.5 X 3" Full Suspension Mountain Bike

What has happened to me? It's bad enough, resorting to putting cat pictures on the internet,

...but resorting to shameless commerce, too?!

Less than a year after stepping up in mountain bikes to a full suspension with 27.5" wheels and 3" wide tires -- a so-called "plus" bike -- I have fallen into lust for a 29 inch bike with 3" wide tires. The reviewers call it "a monster truck" of a mountain bike. Sounds like the ultimate machine for crashing over whatever gets in the way.

So consider this post just a probe into the issue of selling my current bike, a model year 2017 Cannondale Bad Habit 2,  size Large, all aluminum:

It was purchased in August 2017 from REI. Here is their spec sheet for it.

The bike I am selling has a few upgrades not on the spec sheet: the biggest being the Specialized Command dropper seat post. These extra goodies add up to about $600.

The list price of this bike, without the upgrade goodies, was $2600.

I would like to see if there is interest in it. It would be easy for prospective buyers to check the bike out in person when I become nailed down as a BLM host, from 01 May to 01 Oct.  I will be in Del Norte, CO, as well as Gunnison and Crested Butte.

If "lust in the dust" sounds vaguely familiar to you, you might enjoy going to and looking up David Selznick's critical flop "Duel in the Sun." Some of the critics mocked it as "Lust in the Dust."


Ted said…
That's not a cat pic, that's a much more rare cat and dog pic! ;)

Good luck on your bike sale.
But the cat is the protagonist of the photo.