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The Desert Winter is Over

We can all admire people who suffer in silence -- but only if the suffering is unavoidable. When a snowbird/camper is too warm in Arizona in mid-winter, it is because they are following the calendar, rather than the thermometer. But I'm proud of myself for surviving through January.

Fare ye well, Desert. It's off to grassland and oaks for me.

There may be a smart-a&& commenter who wonders how this agrees with my praise of Suffering, when camping. Remember that there are two distinct types of suffering: 1) noble and voluntary suffering, and 2) the merely disgusting kind. 

Type 1 ennobles Man. He can visualize it in a way that inspires him to crawl out of the banal routines of daily existence. Type 2 is meaningless. And I would put Heat in the second kind.


William said…
Gee, KaBLOOnie, your move didn't have anything to do with the invasion of Old Time Fiddlers? We have been down in Organ Pipe NM for the last week and the 48 degree night-time temperature, along with strong winds, made it tolerable enough.

Instead of moving east like you, my wife wanted to attend a quilt show in Ajo and listen to the old-timey music this weekend (February 2-4).
The music festival doesn't make Ajo overcrowded, but I had no interest in it.

48 F sounds good, but that is at 5 a.m. At 9 p.m., it was too warm to sleep.