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How Much Quoting is Cheating?

I'm not sure if I have ever pulled in a giant block quote before and just left it -- normally I try to blend it with daily experiences or observations. But this one was so good, I couldn't resist. Sorry if this is lazy of me. It was in an essay about the global warming cult:

This cult has grown to be so large and convincing for several reasons. One reason is that we are encouraged by our media organizations to emancipate ourselves from organized religion, in that we are impelled to become agnostic, or an atheist. They are just as happy with us becoming ‘spiritual’, which is either something new age or pagan, and is likely to involve crystals. The important common denominator is that we must migrate as far away from Christian tradition as possible. The majority of Americans, either at their own inclination, or at the urging of popular culture and education, have done so. So many of the self-described atheists and “casual independents” no longer feel compelled to attend church, but they still unconsciously possess a calling, as it is hard-wired into our humanity. This is a vacuum which is soon filled with yoga, cross-fit, diet crazes, athletics, celebrities, or a need for more government. In place of St. Ignatius, they have Brangelina. Instead of Jesus, they have Obama. The desire to belong to something bigger than ourselves through which we can instantaneously identify with others, without having to do any of the work of getting to know them, finding out their preferences, inclinations, and habits is a desire that is fundamental to human nature it seems. So many survey respondents who claim they’re ‘not really religious’ possess an emptiness that is waiting to be filled.


XXXXX said…
Well, KB, seems this position can be ranked as just one more stance to take in life right alongside every other stance that is mentioned in the article.
Do we have an archetypal draw to belong to something greater than ourselves? Probably true or otherwise we would have no attraction to family either. Life as we know it would be radically different if you start messing with basics such as this one. No right or wrong here, just different.
Is there global warming? Well, the history of this planet thus far has been one of constant climate change long before humans entered the picture. Why should this stop? The universe itself is constantly changing.
Climate change, if true, isn't going to wipe out the planet. It's just going to cause massive problems with everything we've built at sea level all around the world. Some of us who live in colder climates will be happy with a few degrees higher all around. Whatever. If we're causing it with fossil fuel burning, that doesn't matter either because it's pretty obvious we've built an entire civilization which requires it to survive. We're not going to change that. It's what our comfort is based on.
So, my advice is don't worry about it. What will be will be.
Your reaction to the quote was different than my reaction. You are focussed on Global Warming, but the quote is about the pseudo-religious CULT built over the issue of global warming.
XXXXX said…
I understood that part too. I don't know if "pseudo-religious CULT" is helpful terminology though. It's more of a soap box. You have a few and so do I. It can be more helpful to explain the dynamics behind something, how something observed is part of the human condition which we all share, than to approach an issue with a sort of holier-than-thou sort of position.
Sad truth, repeating in time.

On a deeper level, man made climate change research has been funded, with borrowed dollars, by governments in their marxist/socialist agenda of control through taxation. The Cult of Climate Change is a branch of the larger, unseen through ignorance the Cult of Government.

Government has all the answers and is full of really smart people who only think of others first.

What will be, will be, true, and if winter is coming, and people are induced into cult like behavior, believing summer is coming by "authority", those people will be in a whole lot of need when the truth is winter is coming.

Life is a cycle, and winter is coming. Clarified Butter rice beans and cured bacon last a long time with out refrigeration, it's going to get colder in solar cycle 25 as the sunspots disappear from our now sleeping sun.

Interstingly, our Magnetic Field is rapidly decreasing and the poles are also rapidly moving, the decreasing magnetic field is allowing more cloud forming cosmic rays into our biosphere. During these solar minimums, earthquaks and volcano's also increase along with crazy cold weather that is long in spring and fall, causing major crop losses we are already experiencing now. Crop loss means more money for your food, and the Governments have run out of buyers for their bonds and that is how most people are making their money today, sooo.

Yeah, Cult like behavior is easy to control.
Anonymous said…
I’ll give Rockwell the hyperbole award for the day. It would seem he has a nocturnal tumescence for secular humanists who just might be trying to make the world an environmentally cleaner, safer place to live in. Some folks have embraced climate change to doomsday, cult-like extremes, but many if not most continue to study the data and try to make informed decisions about it. If catastrophic climate change is inevitable, perhaps there is no harm in trying to make the ride to the end times a little more pleasant.

Interesting quote.
Did you pick that up from the Rick Perry/Scott Pruitt science podcast?
Your statement takes Gods power from him and lays it in the hands of our governments who promote "mam Made" climate change.

The end times is for our Corrupt Governments, not people, nor the planet.

God has already laid the seasons, and earth has hers, and man does not have any say in the climate, only in pollution, and that does not affect the climate at all, just our health.

Secular Humanists who might be trying to make the world clean. LOL. Do you not recognize the cult belief system in your words.

Dig deeper my friend, it is about taking your money from you through a guilt tax, carbon tax, you evil carbon sinner. The only way to pay for your carbon sin is to pay the tax.

Meanwhile, the little ice age continues it's slow creep.

Here is a fun article about Exxon Mobile law suit, “The La Jolla playbook.”

If the Global Warming Conspiracy achieves their goal, many people will suffer terribly. people are going to need coal and oil to keep warm as the ice takes hold in the coming years.

A very good video by a scientist who is not corrupt John L Casey

This is a series on the earths magnetiv flip,
Anonymous said…
Ann, it would seem based on this post and others on this blog that you are embracing anarcho libertarianism or is it autarchism or is it doomism? Hard to tell. In any event, you don’t like our government, which you say has something to do with the Cult of Climate Change. There are things about government that no one likes. That said, have you ever thought about what you would do without it? Our form of government offers us a balance of freedom, independence and liberty not offered in most of the rest of the world’s countries. It allows us to establish Cults of Climate Change while at the same time supporting the freedom to counterfactually think about such Cults. Rather than lambasting our form of government, why don’t you direct your rants to fine tuning it?

You cannot fix stupid, you cannot ban stupid, and you cannot govern stupid and sadly people will do and believe stupid things.

As I have stated before, we can reduce the risk of government corruption with Term Limits. The original government of the US had a 2 year Term and that was it. I say One year.

Take away the governments ability to prosecute, only a real victim can bring charges of a crime against someone who has harmed them or their property. If they are false charges, heavy consequences will reduce harm. Look at what the BLM has done in Texas and Oregon. Total corruption from the top down.

As I have also stated. Abolish the income tax and the Federal Governments ability to borrow money, this is what has created such a monster as we have today, that has spread immorality everywhere.

I do not attribute the greatness of this nation, or any nation to it's parasiticle government class, I attribute it to the wonderful individuals that make up a nation.

It is always groups that destroy nations.

I do not agree with your belief that government is responsible for any thing great, it is always individuals.

This nation began great by individuals creating a limited government that protected the individual and his property above the group, and now we have swung the other way.

Our great nation has passed it's great days, now it is full of corruption that cannot be fixed, only reduced through term limts and starving the beasts of their life force, other peoples money.

Only awareness of the problem will reduce the harm caused by the false belief in government.

No I am not an anarchist. I am an individualist, moralists, a philospher. It is totally stupid to give a group of people legal power over the individual.

There will always be bad people, and they will always gravitate to the most power.

So it is smart to take care of yourself, understand right from wrong, reduce governments impact in your life by making sure they have term limits and as little of other peoples money as possible.

As I have stated before, the best way to do that is like Rome, who never borrowed money, but rather, the government created it and created a 3% to 5% more than commerce needed to fund government. It was not until Romes last days that she began making pension promices that were bigger and bigger, and it was the unfunded pensions that caused the soldiers as a group to destroy Rome.

But like I said, you cannot fix stupid, you can only reduce it's impact in your life.
Anonymous said…
I tend to agree with Chris. Libertarians like Rockwell do not seem to have a good way of fitting in real environmental issues with their world view. Perhaps they might have something to learn about stewardship from the bible as well.