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A Classic Movie and the News

If you feel that you are wasting time watching too much News, here is something that might make you feel a little better: sometimes the News makes you see a classic movie in a new light. It can renew your interest in the movie. Perhaps movies or books that lend themselves to new interpretations are the very ones that become classics.

It happened to me last night, as I rewatched Billy Wilder's "Stalag 17."  At the end of the movie, William Holden identifies the German spy in the barracks of the prison camp. The spy has been tipping off the Germans, sometimes lethally.

Holden makes a short speech towards the climax of the movie. It fits in perfectly with the news about the FBI's dirty tricks. 



I truly enjoy a good altRight conspiracy theory.

Now, who *really* ordered Kennedy killed? Hoover? LBJ?
Billy Wilder is not "altRight."
Honorable mention must go to Ed, who somehow came up with the quote from the movie just after the one I was thinking of. But I can't show his comment because it gives away too much of the movie's ending.

And blabbermouthing movie-endings is like blabbermouthing camping sites.