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Should I Go to an OWS Rally?

No matter how much a person might like their mobile lifestyle, there must be times when it seems frivolous and vacuous: when it degenerates into "channel surfing with gasoline". In the back of his mind, the traveler might yearn for experiences more substantial and challenging than mere sightseeing. But it would still be nice if mobility enabled these deeper and richer experiences.

For instance, during the Arab Spring, I was in the habit of reading bicycle touring blogs. Most of them were pretty boring: "...yesterday I was there, today I'm here. This morning I had instant oatmeal instead of corn flakes for breakfast." Then they photographed the oatmeal.

In contrast, one of these cycle tourers was staying in a Bed and Breakfast in downtown Cairo, right next to Tahrir Square where all the demonstrations took place. What an experience he had!

Driving to an "Occupy Wall Street" rally could be one of those experiences, and one that an RV is uniquely advantageous for. The famous ones are a long way from where most RVers are, at this time of year. But there are smaller rallies, closer.

Does this imply that I support the "OWS" movement? I'm not sure because of the wide variety of grass-roots opinion in it, and because of its overall vagueness. There is something about it that reminds me of "Howard Beale's" famous rant in the classic movie, Network.

But no matter what your politics you should be relieved that there is enough grass-roots guts left in this declining country and the para-militarized police force is still restrained enough, that peaceful protests are still feasible, although just barely. (You are probably aware of  the famous You Tube video of pepper spraying peaceful protesters at the University of California, Davis, who were sitting down.) What a marvelous article Glenn Greenwald wrote recently on this topic.


Ted said…
Sure, why not? If it piques your interest.

The one in Albuquerque has apparently retreated from the cold. I can't tell how active OWS Tuscon is by looking at their web page, but at least it's along the way to a warmer clime. You were going that way anyway, weren't you? So nothing lost by checking it out, if there's anything to check out.

Perhaps the one in Phoenix will suffice if Tuscon is a bust. Regardless, enjoy!
Ted, perhaps I should put my money where my mouth is and check out the Tucson OWS when I get closer.
Ed said…

If you do check out the OWS you need to camp in a tent and stand in line for donated food. You need to 'participate' to get the entire experience, observation will only put you in league with Mobile Kodger.
Ed, "in league with the Mobile Kodger". Oh dear me, that's something I would never want! (grin)

But you're right; I'm too tempted by my bourgeois comforts in the RV to be a real OWSer. I would just be a glorified tourist. But still, it would be interesting, especially if I invited some of them into my rig.