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Challenge for an Old Engine

The previous day I had climbed a steep hill in first gear, and wondered if my old engine was going to make it. What would I do if it stalled? Could I back the van and trailer down the hill just by using brakes, and without jack-knifing the whole thing? This could be a personal best for my 1995 Ford V-8 engine. Near Deming NM.


Old Fat Man said…
If you don't mind telling, where is that area out from Deming. I thought I had explored most of the area around Deming but that spot is not familiar to me. Thanks you. OFM
Southeast of Deming, on the way to the day-use-only state park.
Old Fat Man said…
OK now I remember it. That is a son of a gun on a bike. Thank you.
Ed said…
If you were able to ride a bike up that OFM your in a whole lot better shape than you would lead us to believe from what you write on your blog.

I road a short distance of 15%, there is now way I could have EVER ridden 2 miles of 17%.