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Naked Hiking Still Legal in American Southwest

It must have been a slow news day today. The BBC featured a story that really was more Yahoo style: the Swiss court has upheld a canton's law against naked hiking.

The BBC's Imogen Foulkes in Geneva says naked hiking is an increasingly popular pastime in Switzerland.
However, Appenzell is a deeply devout and conservative canton - it only granted women the right to vote in 1990 - and the influx of naked hikers has offended many local people, she adds.
The new ruling applies to the entire country.
Naked hikers may now have to look for another country which offers them a warmer welcome, our correspondent says.
Come to the American Southwest, I say, to all the oppressed perambulating naturalists. We offer you the freedom to live in harmony with nature as well as the opportunity to develop deep tans.



Ted said…
Ouch! Makes me wince just to imagine it.

You did get my email, didn't you? Looking forward to bumping into you down the road somewhere, sometime.
Yes Ted, I got your mail. My dentist appointment and other errands are over in S.C., so I might head back toward Hatch this morning.
Anonymous said…
I was already in a good mood, this put me over the top.


Tom in Orlando
and the ER doc asks, "And how did you get cacti there?"