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Readying for the Road

Straws and camels' backs, indeed. August is not the month when the migrational sap runs in my blood, but when I learned that my boom-da-boom-thud-boom neighbor might renew for another month, the decision became easy. I leave on 18 August. There's nothing wrong with how people live here, if that's what they like. But I have nothing in common with them. Any unpleasantness is my own fault for being in a place I shouldn't be.

My 1995 Ford cargo van is all cleaned and waxed up -- beautiful. After three years of weathering in the New Mexican sun, the paint had turned dull and chalky, leaving the water bucket looking like a pail of milk.

These cargo vans work so well as towing and storage machines that I wonder why more people don't use them: there are four bicycles and a BOB trailer in there -- and how could a human being live on less?! It has also swallowed up 33 gallons of water, a generator, a wall of supplies in shelves, and it's half empty! Granted, most bourgeois wives wouldn't be caught dead in one.


Glenn said…
Good stuff, Boonie. Great to hear that your triumphant return to the road is so close at hand. The van is looking mighty nice too, and is no doubt a very effective form of protection from bourgeois wives. They have a way of sneaking into unwitting lives when least expected, after all, but I think you can officially put that fear to rest. Nicely done.
Boonie said…
Thanks for the reassurances, Glenn, but I suspect I have more than one level of protection against the female bourgeoisie.

To a lesser degree, so do you, since one way to look at your Chinook is to see it as a high trim level Ford Econoline van. The only difference is that my cargo van has refused to sell out to the female Establishment; it has held true to its principles and maintained a certain manly integrity. (grin)
Wandrin said…
Let's hope that Silver Slug and the van never get to chat with each other. Soon Silver Slug will want a wash to take off the grime of the last couple of months.

My design approach for Wandrin Wagon was "four for cocktails, two for dinner, sleeps one." Works great. However, I may have given up on "manly integrity" with those plastic flowers on the table.
+1 Wandrin ! love your design....

Kelly.... ( the hobos from Canada )