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Horse Buggies and RVs

Ouray CO. The other day Box Canyon Blogger and I were talking about how stereotypical RVers were, as exemplified by dozens of "me too" blogs on Perhaps that was a bit unfair. After all, you sometimes you see an old bus or Class C motorhome painted up in wild designs, proclaiming God, love, peace, etc. Of course after you've seen just a couple of those, you realize that they are just large versions of the VW hippie bus, circa 1968; which reduces it to a stereotype.

After finishing the Perimeter Trail around Ouray yesterday, Coffee Girl and I were relaxing on a bench downtown enjoying one of the killer cookies, recommended by Mark and Bobbie, when a noisy old motorhome ground its way up the main drag. A young woman was half-hanging out of one of its windows, gawking with delight at the mountains or cliffs on the perimeter of Ouray. She wore a bonnet of the style worn by Amish or Mennonites. My eyes went quickly to the driver; sure enough, he had a beard with a shaved upper lip.

I have no commentary on this, except that this doesn't fit any RV stereotypes that I know. It's doubtful that they even have their own BOF group in the Escapees club.


Anonymous said…
I once had a similar experience at Seaworld, really took me by surprise...and covered up Muslim ladies on the tour of Canaveral, but they are everywhere now, especially the high end shops.

Tom in Orlando