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Nostalgia for Leadville

A cycling website that I visit frequently mentioned the results of the Leadville 100 mountain bike race. Sigh. Just hearing of Leadville (use Search this Blog on the left) brought back some powerful memories for me. For the first time I started getting emotional about getting back on the road; until now it was hard to believe that I was really leaving tomorrow.

A week after the Leadville race, still in the mid-August, I used to notice Leadville (10,200 feet high) getting cooler and foggier. Summer was on the wane, and it was time to start a slow retreat towards winter camp. Many high places in Colorado would still be good until late September. No matter how many years I was traveling, the autumn migration kept bringing a lump to my throat.

And now I'm "migrating" north in mid-August? Everything is upside-down.


I am starting north tomorrow also. My goal is find some decently cool weather then follow it south, slowly.
Boonie said…
Barney, I thought you had to avoid high altitude for health reasons? (Maybe you can handle intermediate altitudes which will be a bit cooler and DRY.)

At any rate, it helps to know that I'm not the only one migrating in reverse!
I have hopes of making about four days at altitude then come down a couple of days then go back up etc etc. It has got to be better than this 95 degree 80 % humidity and 83 at night on the coast this year.
I'm getting emotional about you getting emotional about getting back on the road.