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The Boonie goes Broadband

Here is my first post back on the Verizon network. Gee, I remember it being faster when I dropped the service three years ago. My campground's WiFi is actually twice as fast, even though it is all coming through a 3 Mbps DSL line, and then sharing that signal amongst all the users in the campground.


Ted said…
That's mostly how it is for me too. And then there are times when my Verizon 3g is hitting nearly 2Mbps while the fastest WiFi around is only 1Mbps...and I reluctantly connect to the WiFi because I don't want to use up my own broadband allotment.

Which is why I wouldn't bother with 4g even if it was available all over the place. What good is faster when all it does is make you hit your limit more quickly? I'd be too dang tempted to stream a movie off Hulu or something if I had 4g. ;)
Wandrin said…
Agreed. I remember when I got decent throughput on 3G. Not anymore with too many users grabbing their piece of a diminishing resource. I did spring for a 4G Mi-Fi card when I was in Denver. Unfortunately, it will take Verizon a couple of years to implement 4G in the major markets. I will be out of 4G territory (the card is downward compatible) until I arrive in San Diego in December.