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Ladybug Bacchanal

Strange things are happening around here lately, with the monsoons in full gear. 

The male brain being what it is, I suggested to the lady hiking with me that it looked like some kind of orgy. She considered the suggestion indelicate. But after looking at a blowup of one of the photos, perhaps I was right.


Sondra said…
Holy Cow..thats a lot of Lady Bugs!! Great photos!
Thanks Dixxe. I still wonder why they were more orange than usual--in reality, not just the photo.
Anonymous said…
In the Mission Mountains north of Missoula the Flathead Inidan Tribe closes all trails to McDonald Peak so that the grizzly bears can feast on ladybugs from July to September. Good thing you aren't in grizzly territory! -scamperita
I didn't know that about grizzlies. Thanks.

But say, how many ladybugs could be replaced by eating one tourist?