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Luxuries are Important to a Camper

Lately I have been thinking how nice luxury is, to a camper.  Of course "luxury" means different things to different people.  Perhaps you can size up different lifestyles quickly just by looking at that person's idea of luxury.

A dog owner in a sunny climate might feel overwhelmed by the luxury of shopping in the middle of the day with their dog in the car.  How nice it is not to worry about the dog getting hot in the car!

I am currently luxuriating on green hills of grass, flowers, and sagebrush in southwestern Idaho.  Normally Benchmark Atlas differentiates improved gravel roads from unimproved dirt roads.  But they let me down on one road.  Nevertheless, I stopped at a grass-covered hill to let my little dog out for a romp.  I should have had the phone in video mode!:

I can see her twenty pounds on grassy fields.  If there is too much sagebrush she becomes invisible, and therefore coyote-bait.  What a luxury it was to her to blast around the field off-leash!  And I could just watch her, without fear.


Idaho at the right time of the year is fabulous in my opinion.
Steve said…
Thats fantastic and loved the field for your dog. THAT is a luxury.
Steve, I wonder what the sagebrush-West would be like if the various agencies did not do fire suppression. Would there be more open grassy fields, with an occasional sagebrush? Dog heaven!
Barney, I like Idaho better in early summer than late summer, that is for sure. Even if it weren't for wildfires in late summer, it takes some work to stay cool. Camping-elevations are only 5500 feet, tops.