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Why the Curious Timing with the "Napoleon" movie?

 So Hollywood still makes movies?  Even I got the message that a new blockbuster movie was being released.  "Napoleon."  I am old enough to remember when it was a big deal to release a new blockbuster.  But who goes to movie theatres these days?  Watching a blockbuster movie on a small electronic screen just isn't the same.  But young folks might not feel that way.

The timing seems a little odd or even suspicious.  

From  .  I have decided to add tin-hat conspiracy mode to my portfolio, along with armchair general mode, world-juggling geopolitical analyst, Machiavellian political consultant, and wise old man/prophet of the mountain.

The timing is just right for giving the ignorant Masses in the "West" a little relief.  The movie might remind them that, once upon a time, not so terribly long ago, the West was mighty, fierce, and heroic.  It had giants as national leaders.  And the greatest militaries in the world.

Therefore a reminder like this will help to take the peasants' minds off their defeat in the Ukraine War.  Of course it is ironic that they chose a historical figure of the West who was defeated by Russia!  

But Napoleon's invasion of Russia in 1812 could be played down in the movie.  They could emphasize sexual obsessions or perversions or psychological dramas of various kinds.  They could also rightfully emphasize the international following that Emperor Napoleon had, making him look like a progenitor of the European Union.  Indeed, Napoleon did have a globalist outlook, as long as he ran the globe.  France, after all, was the indispensable nation of that era.

Certain tendencies of his might have to be played down to make him the "very model of a modern major general" in his political correctness.  The less said about his attitude towards women or non-Europeans, the better.


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