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You Mean that Kids Can Be Great?!

As a camper heads south in the winter, they find conditions more and more crowded.  Be that as it may, I have had some nice conversations in my present overcrowded location in southwestern Utah.  It even went further than that.

I stopped in at a neighbor who had an unusual trailer.  But what really drew me in was his "Let's Go Brandon!" flag flying over the trailer, combined with his California license plates!  We joked about that for a while.  His wife and son came out and fawned over my little dog.  

I have since run into his 11 year-old son several times.  The lad impressed me every time.  One day he was flying a kite!  You mean kids still do things like that?  Without a battery or smartphone app? An RV friend and I turned to each other and said "What a great kid!" after we had talked to him one day.  My friend speculated that the lad had been home-schooled;  it was hard to believe he was a product of the public schools of California.

This seemed like it was worth writing about because it is the first time it ever happened in my life.  The mother biked behind the boy about a quarter mile or so.  I complimented her on her son.  Flattery from a stranger can have quite an effect on people, sometimes.

This experience could not have happened at a better time.  A person needs something that makes them optimistic about the human race, while following the news about the horrific slaughter of Gazan children by the "Indispensable Nation" and the "People of Light."  


Anonymous said…
"Indispensable Nation" and the "People of Light."

The truth pouring out on a daily basis now. Some awesome revelations connecting the dots.

Watched a great interview with Judge Joe Brown yesterday. Not my usual faire but WOW. Some guy last name Bet-David was the pod caster. I said "What?" out loud more than once!

Loved to hear about fellow probably homeschoolers. It's the way to go over these government schools. I no longer call them public schools. Also U of Indoctrination system of colleges. What a joke the US has become thanks to our infiltrators.

Thanks for the post. Most I have contact with want to keep their heads in the sand.
Have a wonderful day!