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Noise and Stink While Drowning in Sunlight

From time to time I see an impressive example of how lively an old idea can become when you stumble onto some unplanned experience.  I was bicycling a mile from where I was camped.  It was dead calm.  The air was still somewhat cool, but the sun was impressively warm.  In fact you could say it was the first day of summer, as horrifying as that thought might be.  Anybody who was out and about must have felt like they were drowning in sunlight. 

That was when I passed a camper whose generator could be heard for the last half mile.  It was so large that a noticeable stink laid across my road.

As you know, I tend to be sympathetic to newbie campers who are holding back on going solar.  After all, they have been hit by a chain reaction of unplanned expenses after buying their rigs.  Also, they are still deciding on what their camping style is going to be, so they don't want to spent a lot on solar equipment and then not use it.

But the camper in question did not appear to be hurting for money.  Presumably he was there to enjoy camping in a desert "arboretum."  Didn't that camper have some appreciation for natural beauty?  So why would they want to destroy that experience with the noise and stink of a generator?

The message just isn't getting through to some of these newbies.  Why isn't it getting through, with all those You Tube nomad channels, discussion forums, old-fashioned blogs like mine, RV affinity groups, etc?  What are we doing wrong?


Kathy Rousseau said…
Get solar panels and a wind generator no more noise! So simple.
Kathy Rousseau said…
Get solar panels and a wind generator and you'll be fine and quiet also. No smell, no noise and everything is working as it should.
Kathy Rousseau said…
Get solar panels and a wind generator no more noise or stink and you should be just fine.
Kathy, I won't give a pep talk for a wind generator for an RV, but I am pretty out-of-date on them.

RVers with generators don't want to be nagged and scolded. I try to avoid that. But it is hard!

I guess people with blogs and vlogs just need to do a better job in inspiring people to switch to solar. I can't prove it, but I think the You Tube channels oversell expensive lithium batteries and then that becomes the excuse to stick with the generators.

In the post I tried to explain the "oceanic" feeling one can get when surrounded by all that space and sunlight. Hopefully that helps people imagine the experience and respond to it.