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Green Leaves in a Forsaken Wasteland

 Looking through some desert photographs the other day, it seemed strange that I had none of the ocotillos that are leafing out like crazy right now.  Soon, there should be red blooms.

Maybe it isn't so surprising.  There is nothing visually spectacular about rather ordinary small green leaves.

But it is very satisfying to "see" these leaves, not for mere scenery, but for what they represent.  How can you even discuss this without stepping into clich├ęs such as the 'circle of life?'  But that is what it is.  Nature is cyclical.  

If you can't feel a profound satisfaction at watching new leaves after a desert rain, green shoots poking through crusty snow in the North, or a new litter of squirming puppies, then you might as well go home, because you have seen the best that Mother Nature has to offer.  Forgive me if this sounds preachy --  I am actually preaching to myself.

This is how harsh ocotillos are, most of the time.