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When Visiting Town Is Actually Fun

Nothing pleases a person quite as much as making lemonade from a bunch of lemons. With that in mind, there is a way to turn the holiday rampage of motor-crazed yahoos in the desert to advantage. Since I was pretty close to town, I rode the mountain bike there. I hardly ever ride in towns anymore, so it was a treat.

Mesquite's streets resemble the wide streets of Utah. They have dedicated bicycle trails and nice neighborhoods. It was a chance to test out a bakery along the way, a small pet adoption center, and buy some apples and bread.

I have always been surprised how fun it is to knock around town and do the ordinary errands of daily life on a bicycle. Let's hope eBikes really catch on and more people do this. But how with they keep the eBike from being stolen in front of the grocery store? 

On the way back to camp, I even got the pleasure of a ten-year-old boy who finds a new route or a shortcut. 

For an old "roadie" like me, it was a reminder of how happy my body and soul feel pedaling on smooth surfaces. I have never understood why it works as well as it does. 



Two people powered wheels for transport can be wonderful for sure.
Anonymous said…
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Bon vivant said…
Who? Easy. They are like 90% of partnered people in these united States: Double income-d which most often requires parentless children in their households. Adults who grow up without parenting do things we detest in the wilds (noise, recklessness, pollution, eco destruction) They're breeding fast but not as fast as those who realize the flag (aka B.E.I. banner) simply represents a dying, 'there are good people on both sides', attitude. The sooner the better. namaste
Bon Vivant, I had trouble following your comment. BEI? namaste?
Bon vivant said…
My apologies. Our flag, some think, was modeled after the British East India Company. namaste = I see the divine in you.