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Rose-Colored 'Glasses for the Ears

Although the daylight hours have been calm and comfortable, nights have been windy. Tonight was so bad I put the (trailer) stabilizers down. They seemed broken but are probably just jammed with sand and dirt. How long must you camp in this part of the world before you make it a habit to lubricate things?! 

I also slapped on some noise-cancelling headphones and played some relaxing solo piano music, to drown out the screaming wind. 

Was my dog scratching herself on the floor and causing the trailer to shake? No. So what was happening? Then I pulled off the headphones and was shocked at how windy and noisy it was. Being under relentless attack from the wind is no fun.

The headphones instantly returned me to a peaceful world and a beautiful world, despite the trailer shaking some. Removing the headphones was as drastic as stepping out of a comfy winter cabin into a frigid snowscape. It is funny how we take some layers of protection for granted -- such as house insulation, hats & sunglasses & shoes, a mattress under our sleeping body -- but we expose our ears to relentless assault. Why don't they deserve some protection?

-- perhaps because until recently, the technology for protecting them was not available. In the future this noise-canceling technology can only become more important, expected, and used daily. 

Would people stare at me if I wore the headphones when shopping in stores or when stepping out to the gas pumps? Let them. I see people walking around stores sometimes with ear buds in. It is funny how it seems rude as if they are defiantly telling the rest of the world to bugger off, even though it is the people who produce noise pollution who are rude.

I don't leave the house without clothing, shoes, sunglasses, and sombrero. So why not take the headphones everywhere? Walking in the desert without shoes makes more sense than walking into Walmart without noise-canceling headphones.

In an ideal futuristic world people would get implants to tune out the world -- and in more ways than one!