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Alpine Flowers for a Beautiful Girl

Valentine's Day, almost. My sweet old valentine is doing quite well, for a 14-year-old. I was interested in doing something special for her this year. Granted, she would probably prefer something edible to flowers. But the 'medium is the message.'

Not so many years ago, when she was still in her prime, she posed in an alpine meadow near El Rito, NM.

Shame on me for saying "when she was in her prime." She is still prime. She still loves her arroyo-walks and her mountain bike rides.

But now let's switch media, and go to sound. Recently I was going a little crazy listening to songs from the movie, "Barry Lyndon." I was saving the "Love Theme", which is actually "Women of Ireland" by the Chieftains.

It seemed like a good match on Valentine's Day for my beautiful girl.


Brewed Journey said…
Nice looking dog. My wife calls my dog “the other woman.”
Hah, got a laugh out of that one, Brewed.