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Loose on the Palouse

People really should stop asking "Where are you going?" and other questions of that type. I didn't decide where I was going until I was pulling out of the driveway of the relative I was visiting in Spokane.

Besides the channeled scablands from the ice dam break on the Clark Fork river, the unique feature of Washington is the windblown dirt hills of eastern Washington, the Palouse, one of North America's most productive growers of wheat.

from, taken by Chip Phillips.
There was still a lot of green wheat fields, but of course it was transitioning to yellow. I forgive it -- it is mid-July, after all.

I even managed to see the small sign where my favorite cycling road intersects the main highway. Nostalgia can be so sweet! 

And speaking of nostalgia, I can no longer remember why the Little Valiant One decided to snooze on the dirt in the Palouse, after a mountain bike ride:

from the vault... my first dog in harmony with nature, taking a Snooze on the Palouse.
Looking at this land can be so rewarding in a way that useless tourist scenery will never be. 

Much of the time I was only driving 50 mph. I just wanted to soak it up.


I first experienced the Palouse in May 2002 and enjoyed it until Sep of 2007 when I started full time RVing. It is full of neat nooks and crannies just sitting around for a person to get out and enjoy it all. Sometimes a memory or two will jump up and remind me of the good adventures up there. Thanks for stirring the memories.
Barney, have you noticed that you tend to remember things as being better than they actually were? I wonder why our brains work like that, although I don't mind that they do.
I work hard at trying to recall only the good stuff. One thing that has really hit home in the last two years for me is that the number of folks in the "camping" world has really increased.
Ed said…
"have you noticed that you tend to remember things as being better than they actually were?"

I have noticed that the older I get the better I was. I this the same phenomenon?