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Celebrating Your 'Freedoms' this Fourth?

My neighbor in the campground had something that interested me: she had an Elizabethan collar around her dog's head. The dog had had some surgery done around its eye recently, and the collar kept the dog from pawing at the eye. The woman said the dog was not fighting the collar. It was working quite well.

Perhaps there is a lesson here for governors and the CDC. It is easy to visualize Americans submitting to this:

Oh, there might be a few Deplorables in rural areas who object to the collar -- for awhile, anyway. But they will have to submit eventually. 

It takes no effort to predict the cultural stereotype that will submit quickest and most easily to the collar.

In the mean time, I hope the reader is enjoying watching fireworks on their yoob toob or Boob Toob tonight, and takes some time out to thank The Troops for protecting our Freedoms. 


Rather than call it an "Elizabethan collar," I like to think of the "Collar of Obedience" of Star Trek fame. Recall the episode with thralls, providers, and quatloos. How prescient that show managed to be!