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A Mostly Unfacetious Plan to Throttle-Up

After presidential elections a remarkable map of the USA shows up here and there: a map of blue counties and red counties. The map is impressive! It seems like 90% of America is red, on a square mile basis (especially if you ignore a couple indian reservations or the southern border). But those blue counties have enormous populations.

Doesn't this suggest a way to stifle the virus, achieve political comity, and throttle-up the economy? I propose keeping the blue counties in lockdown -- permanently, if they want. That should have a real medical benefit: dense populations are breeding grounds for pestilence and disease.

In contrast, the red counties can start to loosen up, faster.

It should create an era of good feelings, too. Blue counties seem to favor lockdown -- on EVERYBODY. Let them stop being so generous, and keep the lockdown for themselves. They could think of it as "enlightened self-interest."

Then they could get rid of their HOV (high occupancy vehicle) lanes on the interstate highways. They can shut down their mass transit systems forever, if so desired. Because minority groups suffer most in high-density ghettos and barrios, an emergency relocation plan could move them into suburbs. Metropolitans and Cosmopolitans won't starve just because their restaurants are closed. Their vaunted cultural benefits -- summer concerts in the park, art museums, nightclubs, etc., can be closed down forever.

But if they try to leave the metropolitan area, they should be arrested. That could be more practical than it sounds with photo surveillance of license plates.

I realize this all sounds a little drastic. But it won't seem so, once dissenting opinions are suppressed. That is a small price to pay for SAVING LIVES.

Meanwhile the red counties can start ramping up, more quickly, one step at a time. More casualties might result if they get too hasty. Blue county voters shouldn't grieve too much over this: it will compensate for the lack of (blue-voting) immigrants. (The final part of this plan is ending immigration forever -- it just isn't SAFE ENOUGH.)

Some people may immediately reject this plan because of some dark and lurking ulterior motive, which they are able to see. Let us not even dignify their paranoia with an answer. After all, there are always a few fringe conspiracy nuts around.


Anonymous said…
A little sarcasm to bring peace to the valley. Not bad.

Ed said…
Chris apparently thinks that you wrote the post as sarcasm. I read it as a plan that has a lot of merit.

Why should a county such as Hidalgo, NM, which has no reported Coronavirus cases, be subjrct to the same rule as L.A County, which has
37,974 confirmed cases and 1,821 deaths?
Anonymous said…
The plan indeed has merit. It could have been implemented early on had ignorant, swampish politicians not interfered. Sarcasm well executed can illuminate an issue. Boonie used it effectively. My point in this discussion is that there is a place for government in crisis situations. We just need the right officials to serve the people.

Mike said…
It would be interesting to see a map that shows the population concentrators in red states. Factories, Meat Packing Plants, Prisons, etc. Such places tend to draw their workforces from large geographical, often sparsely populated, areas. Infectious diseases spread quickly in such work places, and are then carried home to infect family and neighbors many miles away. Of course, if you don't test for or report such infections, you can claim low, near-zero cases. That won't be a problem until your local ten-bed hospital is overrun with patients gasping for breath.
TomInBellaVista said…
Let all the Church goers commingle. Super spreading ensues. I see nothing wrong with giving Natural Selection a helping hand.