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Reading Cheerful Morning News

In olden times a person might start their day by reading the newspapers, full of depressing news, lies, spin, and entertaining trivia. It was never an admirable or beneficial habit. More recently we fall into the bad habit of doing the same thing on the internet. 

At least I avoid news-sites and You Tube drivel, and restrict myself to the pundits. But it can still be depressing. Perhaps that isn't the right word. I do ask myself, "Why bother with this?"


This morning I actually smiled as I read a new article by Fred Reed.  Fred used to be one of my favorite pundits, but he isn't so young anymore, and has probably lost his journalistic contacts as an ex-pat in Mexico.

Ahh, but he is still at it, and wrote that hard-hitting article today.  It was a welcome surprise to be smacked in the face with some sunshine, early in the morning, by the internet.


The 2020 election is the most important of all time.
Our democracy and way of life is at stake.
The Liar-in-Chief must go.
XXXXX said…

In spite of everything in this article, it actually is true that we as a species are less violent than we were several thousand years ago. Richard Wrangham in his book "The Goodness Paradox" has an interesting theory about this.......
In past days, heads of state had little trouble executing massive amounts of people for breaking most laws. Or simply chopping off their hands, their genitals, blinding them, etc. depending on the crime. His theory is that most of these people were generally taken out of the gene pool and so many violent genes have been bred out of us. Of course, they are still there but in lesser amounts. The fact that the atrocities in the article are even mentioned at all, that they are called atrocities, is significant and speaks to our better natures. Several thousand years ago, such acts would have been ordinary, common, and everyday occurrences.

We still have a long way to go. Evolution is a slow process.


Ed said…
I'm not sure what the Comment by Ed, Carol and Gopher the dog said… has to do with your post but I'll offer a dissimilar view.

The 1972 election was the most important of all time.
Our democracy and way of life was at stake.
The Liar-in-Chief had to go.