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Epstein's "Suicide": The Last Straw Before a Political Explosion?

Will the supposed suicide of Epstein finally cause a populist political explosion in the USA? Unlikely but possible.

What will it take for the general public to wake up from their sleepwalking about how America actually works?

In the mean time, let's be realistically optimistic that enough documents are already in the hands of prosecutors that can incriminate some very wealthy and powerful people.


Vince Foster. Seth Rich. Jeffery Epstein.

Where was Hillary yesterday?? ;-)

Yankeeflyer said…
The problem is those prosecutors are already in the back pocket of the 1%.
Jim and Gayle said…
Hillary does have enormous upper body strength. But seriously, these political conspiracy theories fill a desperate need for the bible thumping, gun fondling, paranoid shut-ins.
Hillary has an alibi , Jim
She was running her side gig out of the pizza parlor in DC. 😱

Many saw her there.