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Celebrating the Waning of Another Summer

It is worth exulting over the passing of another summer, even though it was a merciful one, that is, cool and wet.

Summer is a season that must be suffered stoically.  Oh certainly, August is still a summer month. But the small improvements compared to July are noticeable: slightly later sunrises and longer shadows in mid-day; and cooler temperatures, even if it is only a couple degrees.

The proper equipment for enjoying the outdoors in the Southwest.

It is a fundamental fact of human existence that a couple percent of improvement from a given base seems to affect a person more than the base.

Even easier to appreciate is the waning of the tourist season in Colorado. Some of the big school districts restart in early August, these days. 

The icing on the cake is that we are getting afternoon thundershowers that might not bring a lot of rain, but they bring clouds, shade, and a 10--15F cooling off. How magnificent!


Here in Decatur Alabama the slight temperature drop in the last week or so has been very welcome. Now if we could knock out some of the 90+% humidity here in the middle of Wheeler swamp it would be even better.
Barn, maybe I should change my geographical preferences. I do alright with your high humidity.